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Casa Lisa. RutasMy suggestions of routes by Buerba and the Valley of Vió


The roads we can use to get to Buerba are:

A-138 to Aínsa and Escalona: Diversion in Escalona direction to Vio Valley and National Park. We have two options here, the option recommended both in winter and in summer is to take the diversion in Escalona and in two km, turn left direction to Puyarruego. We turn right in direction Vio Valley and Buerba inmediately after having crossed ovre the bridge. The other option is to take the Añisclo´s canyon road but this option is more dangerous in the winter because of the ice and there isn´t a mobile sign in this road. There are 14 kilometres from Escalona to Buerba.

N-260 to Broto and Sarvisé: we take the Sarvise´s road, direction to Fanlo. After that, we pass by Fanlo and we continue direction to Buerba and Añisclo. We turn right in the next diversion direction to Buerba and the road goes up again. There are 25 kilometres from Sarvise to Buerba.

Route to Buerba:

- From Madrid, option 1: Madrid-Zaragoza-Huesca-Barbastro-Aínsa-Escalona-Buerba.
- From Madrid, option 2: Madrid-Zaragoza-Huesca-Sabiñánigo-Yebra de Basa-Fiscal-Broto-Sarvisé- Buerba.
- From Barcelona: Barcelona-Lérida-Barbastro-Aínsa-Escalona-Buerba.
- From Bilbao: Bilbao-Pamplona-Jaca-Sabiñánigo-Yebra de Basa-Fiscal-Broto-Sarvisé- Buerba.


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